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Guided tours Roma Fuit

Rome guided tours

Exciting archaeological tours

Roma Fuit guided tours are little tours thought and organized in a simple way, but according to a philosophy and a methodology different from the classical guided tour. We face every path offering to the contemporary tourist and citizen a total and wider view about what the city of Rome was, about its society and its protagonists.

For example, one can’t fully understand the beauty and the meaning of a monument such as the Colosseum, without knowing it was the most magnificent artwork of the Flavian Emperors, who, conscious about the necessity to disassociate themselves from the tyrannical experience of Nero, demolished his private house (the Domus Aurea) and built on these spaces a public stadium.

The suggestive and unique sceneries of the city, the monuments that left a lasting sign in the history of civilization, Roma caput mundi, can be fully understood only letting oneself into the rituals, dynamics, and history that saw the city as a protagonist. The guided tours Roma Fuit will lead you to the discovery of this past, of its wonders, and its incredible bonds with the present, thanks to fascinating, funny and unforgettable tours.


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